Foods of the Azores Islands - by Deolinda Maria Avila

In this century of the Bicentennial, all Americans like to contribute to this special occasion. The Portuguese people, and along with them, the Azoreans, have contributed to help make what America is today, and will continue to do so.

A thought comes to mind. Azoreans are Portuguese, but their ways of living are different from the main land, and so is their cooking. For this reason, I have put together a book with good, delicious foods that Azoreans remember and miss....especially when they find themselves in faraway lands. Most of these recipes have been passed from one generation to the other by word of mouth.

The Azores are composed of nine islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, about 900 miles west of the Portuguese coast. Each island is different in shape, in size and in ways of living. Cattle, fish, cheese, butter, wine, sugar and a variety of fruits are some of the products that are exported.

All of these recipes were handed down to me from family and friends....all good cooks. And so to everyone of you, hoping you will enjoy all of these good and tasty foods, from the famous "Fish broth of Pico" to the desserts and liquors of the islands, here are "Foods of the Azores Islands".


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